underwater vehicles & equipment


MSubs have a wealth of experience in all aspects of underwater vehicle design and manufacture, including:



Pressure Vessel Design and Construction

MSubs specialise in vessels for external pressure including hatch and large opening re-enforcement, hatches and dogging systems, foundation and lifting - all of which can be designed to meet the requirements of BS-EN PD5500. We are also able to analyse areas not specifically covered in the code.

Pressure Vessel FEA.


Control and Navigation

MSubs has a complete systems integration capability, based on a wealth of experience in creating advanced navigation and control systems. We have the ability to adapt our core system modules to work with any underwater vehicle or surface vessel. We conduct extensive research and carry out continuous testing of our systems to ensure they conform to the most stringent requirements.

Navigation System.

Chart Plotting Sofware.


HP Gas and Hydraulics

We are able to design and construct bespoke high pressure gas systems including air and oxygen, as well as subsea hydraulic power packs, valves and actuators. We can also incorporate closed loop hydraulic position control.

Closed loop hydraulic position control.


Life Support

Open and closed circuit atmosphere management and life support systems.

O2 Valves.

Gas Cylinders.


GRP Tooling

GRP tooling of complex 3D forms. We can start with your 2D sketches and build them into a 3D computer model. The pattern is then 5 axis CNC milled from foam and finished by hand to auto-body standard.

GRP Tooling.


DC Motive Power Systems

High power battery and electrical distribution systems.

Custom brushless motor design.

Large Battery System.