underwater vehicles & equipment


MSubs design and manufacture components for a variety of submarines and underwater systems.

Here are some examples of what we produce:


Propulsors and Thrusters

Custom units can be built from small manouvering thrusters to large submarine propulsors. These are brushless DC, positive pressure balanced oil filled for 3,000m operation. Available in 316 stainless steel or epoxy coated aluminium alloy. Standard voltage is 250 to 400V DC or AC. Other voltages can be accommodated.


Hydraulic Jettison Cylinders

Suitable for drop weights and manipulators. Item trapped between two cones ensuring a symetrical release.


Vent Valves

Rapidly becoming the industry standard. Used on the NATO submarine rescue vehicle. HP air or oil to open, spring closed. Minimum operating pressure 40 bar. Version shown suitable for soft tanks up to 700 litres. Larger versions available.

50kW Propulsor.

Manouvering Thruster.

GPS/RF Housing.

Hydraulic Jettison Cylinder.

Vent Valve.