underwater vehicles & equipment


S103 was commissioned by, and is still operated by a Portuguese science foundation, FRN, based in the Azores.

It is a diesel electric submersible which provides comfortable seating for a crew of three with ample space for science equipment. The bow features a spectacular full diameter 150 spherical sector window.

The main electric motor is driven as a generator by the diesel while on the surface to recharge the battery and a high pressure air compressor is clutched in to recharge the air bank.

S103 is fitted with four hydraulic manoeuvring thrusters, a 5 function manipulator, which stows inside the crash bars, underwater lights and camera equipment.


S103 Characteristics

  • Length: 8.7m
  • Beam: 1.5m
  • Weight: 9,000kg
  • Operating Depth: 500m
  • Surfaced Speed: 8kts
  • Submerged Speed: 4.5kts
  • Crew Complement: 3