Submergence Group & M Subs Ltd are sister-companies that specialize in the design, manufacture and operation of manned and unmanned submersibles for military and commercial markets. Operating from Plymouth (UK) and Roundrock Texas, our experienced team possesses skills in mechanical and electrical engineering, composites design and manufacture, electronics and software design, and offshore operations.

Manned Submersibles

MSubs Ltd (Marlin Submarines Ltd.) has designed, built, and operated specialized submersibles supporting diver lock-out and long-endurance operations as scientific research vessels and military vessels since 1986. Assembly and testing is performed by a combined team of MSubs engineers, and technicians, and Submergence Group’s pilots, operators, and maintenance experts.   Read more >

Unmanned Submersibles

MSubs’ Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) hull designs are based on our manned submersibles, enabling most systems and components to be within the pressure hull.  This enables MSubs UUV’s to be maintained and replenished without recovery, reducing turnaround time.  UUVs can be operated manned or unmanned, using Submergence Group’s SUBNAVSYS integrated bridge system.   Read more >

Engineering & Design Services

  • Pressure Vessel Design and Construction
  • Control and Navigation
  • HP Gas and Hydraulics
  • Life Support
  • GRP Tooling
  • DC Motive Power Systems

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Operations & Support

Submergence Group operates our submersibles world-wide.   Our expert pilots and engineers have extensive military and/or commercial submersible experience and provide operational cadre for testing new submersibles, and train / qualify customer pilots and engineers on all aspects of submersible operations and maintenance.   Read more >

24 September 2020: Maritime Tactical Systems and MSUBS announce Unmanned Alliance. 

MARTAC and MSUBS are pleased to announce they have entered into an unmanned alliance combining MARTAC’s industry leading innovaHve mariHme unmanned sur- face vehicle (USV) MANTAS with MSUBS’s design, manufacture and operation of manned and unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) ‘submersibles’ and arHficial intelligence (AI) for military and commercial markets. Full Press Release. 

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