Manned Underwater Vehicles

MORAY is a multi-role XLUUV system designed for sea-denial and maritime domain awareness operations.  Modular in design, it can be configured for specific ASW, ASuW, MCM, ISR offensive and defensive roles in all threat environments.  An inherently covert sensor, MORAY draws on proven in-service technologies to deliver a versatile force multiplier at a fraction of the cost of a manned system.  It is designed to act independently and as a fully networked sensor capable of automatically queuing manned and unmanned sensors to assist in the localisation and prosecution of Contacts of Interest (COIs).    COIs include surface and subsurface vessels (including AUVs), mine like objects and specific emissions on the EM spectrum.  In addition to a wide range of primary roles, MORAY’s modular design lends itself to many secondary functions such as covert insertion of SF payloads, under water logistics hub/C2 node for AUVs, theatre level OPDEC platform and advanced ASW trainer.

MORAY / Specifications

Length ~25 m
Beam ~2.2 m
Weight 70,000 kg
Operating Depth 100 m
Power AIP / Lithium Batteries
Submerged Range 200 km
Cruising speed submerged 5 kph (max 15 kph)
Vehicle communications Submerged: ACOMMS; Surfaced: RF / WiFi / SATCOM